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What is Hahaso = 柞?

Since ancient times, the Japanese have used broad-leaved forests such as oak and oak for firewood and charcoal. A sprout called Hikobae appears on the stump of a tree that was cut in the fall, and it can be cut again after a few years.

People have repeatedly called the forest that brings the blessings of nature a hahaso and have been able to protect it carefully.

Noto hahaso is a charcoal craftsman who planted trees in Noto's satoyama and baked them by hand in the olden days.

Notohahaso Co., Ltd. [Ohno Charcoal Factory] is a brand of charcoal products.

Through living with charcoal, we will propose a lifestyle that is sustainable.

Choichiro Ohno, CEO of Notohahaso Co., Ltd.

法人概要: 会社概要

Notohahaso ​Mission




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